Monsieur Minimal’s new music video titled “Candy Face”.

“Candy Face” is the third video from his new album entitled “Minimal To Maximal”, which was released the last November.

Minimal to Maximal includes 16 tracks in total, featuring all 4 tracks of the “Digital Love EP”, and divided in two parts.The first part (Minimal) contains 8 tracks with melodic and uptempo pop music blended with electronic elements but also new wave and rock influences from the 80s and 90s. The second part (Maximal) contains 7 tracks and 1 remix by Monsieur Minimal and w Harri Agnel ,is darker and maximized in duration, composition and arrangement, including elements form trip hop, minimal house, orchestral pop-rock, post-electronica, and many more influences from today’s trends.

“Candy Face” was directed by Dimitris Silvestros and invites you to an atmospheric and dreamy trip inside and outside of the water.