Pasta Flora Video Clip

At first he invited us to get lost in a fantasy world full of daisies, poppies, carousels and balloons in “Ki An Hatheis”, then we became viewers of a realistic, yet touching story of a “call girl”.
Now Monsieur Minimal closes the circle of the beloved album “Pasta Flora” (released by The Sound Of Everything) and again works with the talented director Mario Spyroglou, presenting the video clip of the album’s title song, sponsored by the Club of Heart Transplant and Transplantation Friends “Sinexizo” and the popular coffee bar of Thessaloniki “Pasta Flora“.

You can feel a real air of optimism through a simultaneous display of a special, loving, playful summer love story carrying a messageĀ  of both love and realism.
Watch the video clip on Dailymotion!

You can download the digital album “Pasta Flora” from the following links:

New Video

“Ki An Hatheis” is the first video clip from Monsieur Minimal’s “Pasta Flora.

Animating the artwork of the album, through karouzels, poppies and balloons, monsieur
minimal takes us in a fantasy world with the support and courtesy of the “Original Chocolate Without Sugar WISH”.

Ki An Hatheis on Dailymotion